Wednesday, April 4, 2012


College Park,Atlanta-GA.  An African American entrepreneur with business interest in Ghana;Ms Kali Sichen on March 30, 2012. suffered a tragedy which has compounded the  already stressful life she is going through in the hands of the family of the late Dr.Kwaku Andoh ,a Ghanaian national she married and divorced several years ago.

According to Mr.Shalimar Adam,a.k.a. "Ambassadar",Ms.Sichen  has suffered a lot for being charitable to the man she was once married to and deserves better treatment and praises from the family of the late doctor instead of subjecting her to name calling and useless litigation.

"Mama Kali has been through a lot.This woman has a very good heart and spirit,when Dr.Andoh went to Ghana for  holidays and was taken ill,about 99% of his family members who were in Ghana did not even give a dime to support him financially in the hospital.
After he was discharged ,he spent about three(3)months in his residence and non of his family members came to visit .It was this woman (Ms Sichen) who was sending money for his hospital bills,medication expenses and all that mattered.I was the one who became Dr.Andoh's caregiver at Ghana's Korle-Bu teaching hospital where the man was on admission and at his residence .When the man came to the United States for further treatment and unfortunately died,this very people who neglected him while on his sickbed in Ghana ,secured the necessary funds to come and lay claim to properties they assumed was for the man here in the US .What kind of callousness is this?"He quizzed.

He told this reporter that just as Mama Kali ,as Ms. Sichen is affectionately called was trying hard to put all those troubles behind her and moving forward with her life,one of her well furnished houses at college park was razed down by fire.He wondered why a very good woman like this should go through all these and asked if life is fair or we are living in a wicked and cruel world.Mr.Adam said investigations are currently ongoing to know the cause of the fire,but arson is being suspected.

"Ambassadar" ,who is a Hiplife star and Drum therapist here in the United States and has represented Ghana in many international music conferences and seminars ,advised Ghanaian families to invest in the welfare of their kinsmen when they are in difficulties and not wait for their demise to start fighting over properties they are not sure of its ownership.He said what is disturbing is that some African Americans here with dubious characters are in bed with the family of the late doctor and urging them on to do the despicable things they are doing to Ms.Sichen.
 He stated that  Ghanaian families must sometimes learn to give than always wanting to reap where they did not sow.

Source:Ekow  Shalders (institute for democracy and press freedom,USA)

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