Sunday, October 17, 2010


BROWARD-FLA-Pressure is being mounted on Florida's Attorney General, Bill McCollum to appeal a court decision that ruled as unconstitutional a ban on gay adoption. The pressure came from a group led by Rev.Dr.O'Neal Dozier of the Worldwide Christian Center on Thursday (October 14, 2010) in Ft Lauderdale Florida.

Their reaction was in response to a Florida court of appeal Striking down the last State Statue expressly banning all homosexual parents from adopting children. The group is strongly pushing for the Department of Children and families (DCF) and the State's Attorney General to appeal before the October, 22nd deadline. Speaking to reporters during the protest Rev.Dr. O'Neal Dozier said "Children deserve to grow in desiring mates of the opposite sex not the same sex, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." At the time of filling this report it was not clear if the DCF or the Attorney General will appeal the court's decision.

Others told this reporter after the protest that the issue could play a role in the mid-term elections and politicians are being careful with their comments on the issue. Some also hailed the court's decision, calling it a victory for the Obama administration in its effort to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", policy in the military, and the passing of the Employment Non-discrimination Act.

In the United States of America, only Six (6) States have laws that expressly prohibit discrimination against gay and lesbian adoption. (Massachusetts, Nevada, California, New Jersey, New York and Maryland). The Florida court of appeals' decision now decreases the number of States that restricts the adoption by Same-Sex couples to three (3)-Nebraska, Michigan and Mississippi.

This 33-year-old law in Florida's statues will be expunged if nobody appeals the September ruling or if the State loses the appeal