Wednesday, January 6, 2010


NEW YORK…………………..In the wake of the abortive terrorist attack on board flight NW235 from Amsterdam Schiphol  to Detroit USA on December 25 2009,The African Cultural Exchange(A.C.E) of Fordham University says the act  is barbaric and devilish  and must be condemned by all well meaning individuals and organizations the world over.
The African Cultural Exchange, An organization that promotes African values and culture says it is appalled by this act of terrorism and condemns it in no uncertain terms.
In a Media release signed by the secretary of the organization, Mr.Kojo Ampah .The A.C.E said “terrorism is a crime against humanity no matter where it is committed and whom it is committed against. It is an act of cowardice, devilish and unacceptable.”
Even though the unfortunate incident according to the release has placed Africa in a bad light, it believes America will not shut the open doors of opportunities in the face of Africans who mean well. It says some great African leaders like Dr Kwame Nkrumah and a host of others were beneficiaries of the American opportunities and used their studies here to liberate the African continent.
The group believes the energies and intelligence of the suspect Mr.Umar Muttallab could have been channeled into a more positive venture like: Crusading for a better Darfur, spreading the message of deepening democracy in Africa and poverty alleviation rather than committing this stupid and unimaginable crime.
The statement also commended the passenger who helped in over powering the suspect and urged all well meaning people globally to join them in saying NO to TERRORISM.
Meanwhile Umar Abdul Muttallab the 23year old terrorist suspect will be in a federal court in Michigan on Friday .Authorities are tight lipped so not to interfere with the case, but are hopeful that he will agree to a plea deal exchange for reduced prison sentence. It is believed the suspect travelled to the United States on a one-way ticket and had no luggage .Sources say he has provided useful information to the FBI in interviews on December25.The day of his arrest, explaining his travels to Yemen and connections to the al-Qaeda group there.
Investigators are finding leads overseas in response to the information the suspect provided.


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  1. you rite, but what is the solution?Can America fight this menace?