Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Springfield-Massachusetts : As Ghana celebrates its hardworking farmers and fishermen,government has been called upon to support farmers and fishermen to produce more food in other for the country to be food sufficient.

In an interview,an Actuarial Scientist :Eric Kwamina Davis;Says the only way the farmers can produce more to meet the country's food needs and make Ghana the center of food supply in Africa is to empower the farmers by curtailing expenditure on food imports(Rice and poultry).

"Government should invest money in the agrarian sector of the economy. This will not only ensure food sufficiency for the nation, it will enhance and improve the living standard of the farmers and fishermen and the bulk of the Ghanaian population". He pointed out. Investment in agriculture should be in the form of seedling, fertilizers, machinery, extension Services and fishing nets. Even though, government is doing well in this direction, it is important for it to ensure accessible feeder roads, marketing, and distribution networks, good storage facilities and food processing factories at appropriate farming zone locations.

"If we are not careful, the importation of agricultural produce into the country will make our farmers jobless and increase their poverty level. Building a house or giving out pick-up vehicles will not solve the problems of our hardworking farmers and fishermen and will not ensure food sufficiency" Mr Davis stated.

He pointed out that even though Ghana's democracy is being hailed by western and African countries, without food sufficiency, Ghana cannot see total development. The leaders whom the citizens elect should take bold policy decision to ensure a better life for all.

He advised politicians to put in place the necessary telecommunications, road infrastructure, effective health care and utility service to the benefit of its citizens and implement effective regulation for the insurance, banks and other financial and non financial establishments.

As an Actuary, he stated that more needs to be done in the area of insurance and pension sectors of the country and ready to assist government in these areas if his expert advice is sought.

He commended the hard working farmers and fishermen of Ghana for sustaining the country to this point in the face of the hardships they go through.

Source: Ekow Mensah-Shalders

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